29 January, 2008

Not much

has been happening, thus nothing interesting to post.
All I have been doing is skiing, waxing skis, and driving the team to ski races.

However, I did ride my bike today, for nearly 3 hours in all. It was quite warm, but not for long...

Colder and colder...
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Thursday it is back to Duluth for a few days, then skiing around up in da Nord der.

10 January, 2008


Here are a few pictures from China, in chronological order.

Morning in Beijing
Great big wall
Enjoying Chinese hospitality
We got drafted Ur├╝mchi station
Windy day
Big Mao
Santa does Exist!

We spent a lot of time in taxisDesert
Chasing camelsChinglish
Why bother with sewage tanks, the tracks work just as well
Unfortunately that peak is much further away than it looksA sping
Bus trouble
One of the few places I enjoy shopping, I love bargaining...