22 September, 2010

Bike companies..

What's wrong with this picture?

Bike companies, please hire me as a product tester, I will break it.

At least it happened during bike practice!

Hopefully that is warranty, if not, I need someone to give me a new seat post...

20 September, 2010

Better luck next time

Another year of Chequamegon come and gone. This year was round two and I still need work. This is one of those races that will take me a few times to figure it out, I'll get it down someday. Third times the charm right?
Despite a mediocre race I still had fun. They do a great job making it a true festival rather then just a race, granted with the number of people racing (and paying) it damn well better be, they have got to have a nice budget to work with!

That's a whole lot of bike riders...

Luckily preferred start helps out.

Not only is the racing fun, but the woods of Northern Wisconsin is always a peaceful place to hang out for a while, get away from the constant everything that assaults my senses here in Mpls. I do like those trees...
On my way to cramping.

Anyhow it was a good weekend. I am looking forward to next year, I just better get in.

Another hot topic in MN bike racing right now is doping, might as well jump on the bandwagon. The recent lifetime ban of a local rider has ignited the discussion and cast shadows and rumours about many other not pro athletes doping. I really don't know why anyone thinks doping is the right choice, especially those at the local/regional and maybe a little more level. I don't know how that would make you feel good about yourself, having to cheat to beat a bunch of guys who ride bikes for fun. Lame, I have no sympathy for them, they made the choice to be stupid and deserve every bit of ban they get. Hopefully no one else in these parts is doping, but that would be to nice. There are more out there, I just hope they get caught soon.
I just wonder at what point bike riding becomes so not fun for these guys that doping crosses their mind. Sure we all like to win, and unless I am working for someone, I'm riding for that reason. But still I pedal because I like too, I don't need drugs to make me like bikes. If you do, time to get out, and stay out.

Due to the particular ban mentioned above I now inherit the win of a race last year. However, it does not feel legit. I did not win on race day, thus making it not special, and not feeling like a victory. There are so few chances that I get to win, and it just sucks that someone who was cheating stole that away from me. Lame, I guess I'll have to make it happen again sometime soon...

Anyhow, time for Cross to start again. The new bike is up and running and far to clean,

lets go squish around in the mud!

I can only wish.

10 September, 2010

The weather

I have become increasing intrigued by weather in general over the past few months, why I am not sure but it sure is cool. Someday I'll learn more about it.
I however, am able to read the incredibly complicated gadget called "radar." All those pretty colors...

Yes, snow. Yes, already.

So far this year the seasons have changed very abruptly. Winter turned to spring in all of about 4 hours, and so far summer has turned to fall in approximately 6. I kinda like it, no limbo. As long as no bitter cold and barren snowless waste land come, I am very pleased actually.

The other day I even took to researching some weather folk lore. A few I already knew, other no idea, here are a few good ones to keep on tap. So far I've noticed these are all indeed often true, remember these well...

Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning.

When the wind is blowing in the North

No fisherman should set forth,

When the wind is blowing in the East,

'Tis not fit for man nor beast,
When the wind is blowing in the South

It brings the food over the fish's mouth,

When the wind is blowing in the West,

That is when the fishing's best!

Seagull, seagull sit on the sand, it's never good weather when your on land

For you land lovers...

A cow with its tail to the West makes the weather best,

A cow with its tail to the East makes the weather least

If clouds move against the wind, rain will follow.

06 September, 2010

It's coming

Almost time for some more fun in the sun.
I've been searching for good gravel roads around the cities in order to prep for another event coming up. Please don't be shy and let me know about so good ones, the bumpier the better.
I watched a cow escape then unescape captivity. Mildly entertaining.

The fair on the other hand is now over. I love the fair... So many good things to eat.

And Laura was really impressed by the knife guy. She is now a believer. You should be too.
On another note, if you want to buy these, or a different pair of wheels I've got, let me know!