09 February, 2011


It's been awhile since I've done a longer ski race (25km+), with all my time not having a job since finishing school back around Thanksgiving I have had lots of time to ski. All long and slower pace making short ski races not go by very quickly, but the longer ones are where it's at. Thus I signed up for the City of Lakes Loppet just to see what would happen. Naturally, as I prefer classic that had to be the way to go. After being placed in the second wave for some odd reason, I managed to coerce someone to bump me up to wave one. And well, things went well, felt the good until the finishing stretch, where I had neither kick or glide, but hey, what can you do. I was able to hang onto 5th for the whole race, felt pretty good about that.

Thanks to the Ski Hut for providing the suit to sport.

In other news, starting work on Monday, finally... It will be nice to be back in Duluth and have easy access to the trees, rather then highways.
And I suppose it is time to start thinking about
This and all the races up too it...