23 April, 2010

Backlog and wheel sale

Life has been busy, school keeps me on my toes and the weather keeps me outside.

A few weeks ago the Twins played their first "real" game in their new Stadium. Ben was up to discuss 4th of July Crit plans, and we just happen to roll up for the last two outs of the game. It was pretty cool. Hopefully I can go enjoy a game sometime this summer. If someone wants to take me I'd be good company, I promise.

Bike racing also started this past weekend for much of MN including myself. Due to various reasons I sucked. It was pretty bad, one of my worst races in years, but I think I figured out what most of my issues were. Things went better at Opus this past week, but that is a completely different and much easier race then a typical road race. I guess I'll see if I figured things out on Saturday down near my former home.

I am also working on building up a true road bike. So far the cx bike has done a couple of road races, not as bad as it sounds. It is in fact, a road bike right now. Should be a good bike when it's done.
Due to the new build, I have some lightly used items for sale. Lucky you.

Again I have a Power Tap SL. It was completely refurbished and rebuilt last fall, the rim and spokes by Bontrager, and the internals by Saris. The only original part left is the hub casing. Even the CPU unit was replaced last fall. It is wired, which means the batteries last long (which were also just replaced last month), and I have 3 wire set ups which means multiple bikes is no problem. Heart rate strap also included.
All of it is working perfectly. The hub is extremely fast, I usually out coast most people (without having gravity assist on my side). I just simply don't use it how I should, thus no need to keep it.
The cheapest complete Power Tap setup you can get right now will run you $1400. I'll send this one out the door for $825.

You know you've always wanted one, here is your chance!
Comes without the cassette, you can have the tire if you want it, but that's pretty old...

I also have a super nice pair of Easton EC70 SL wheels that are up for sale. Super fast, decent weight wise, a super solid race set. Mostly carbon, which an aluminum braking surface, so you don't have to worry about fancy pads. Which is all I used it for last year, they probably have about 1,000 miles on em. Never been crashed, nice and true. I never even road these on gravel!
MSRP $1,200
Yours for $675.
Again cassette not included, not the tires either on these though...

Super nice set. They could be yours!

If you want to chat about anything: jwboyce@gmail.com...

06 April, 2010

Outside the box

I bet I have said this before, but getting outside of the 494/694 box is always a good thing to do on a bike ride. I think the air just gets a hair cleaner out there...
Yesterday I rode my mountain bike around for a good 5 hours. I had so much fun on the trails, to bad I now live in the city, rather then up in the forest where there are more trails then I know what to do with. Oh well, Mpls is doing pretty dang well for what it is. Among the many great perks of off roading that I have rediscovered, is the complete lack of automobiles. I am so sick of those...

Some of the trails...

Been doing some stair running, for various purposes.
Buy lots of things with that.

I have also been debating whether or not I am really using my Powertap. I just got a new HR monitor and notice that I usually only look that that anyhow. Thus is it really worth it for me to have it? Give me an offer I can't refuse and it's yours.
Built on a Bontrager Race X Lite rim. Rim plus spokes all replaced/rebuilt (by Bontrager) last year.

Hub was also completely rebuilt last year by Powertap, since then I have not abused it.
It is still old school and wired, but I have 3 cables, so multiple bikes is no problem...