26 April, 2009

Let it begin

I'm a bit slow at this right now, with class, clinicals, work, training, and sleeping. Blogging a relatively low on my priority list. I know I am letting you all down, I just don't know how you can go on living without knowing what is happening in my life! Ha!

Anyhow, last weekend bike racin in these parts started up again. Up first was the rolling hills of Durand. My first time at that particular race, and it was a good one. A whoppin 66 man strong field. The first laps were not to fast, everyone catching up on the past few months. That did not last to long, the attacks started and off we went at light speed. The large field making it very fun. Everything was just fast, not to exciting until the last lap on the biggest hill. A group of very strong guys got away, Mr. Timmer was not there, so up to the front I went and blasted away to try and catch them. It hurt, but eventually a few others got the idea and on the last corner we all were unified once more. Just in time to wind up for the sprint. After my effort I did not have much and ended up cramping, rolled across 12th. I am happy with my performance

This past week I did a good number of hours. Even got to preride the course for the Sogn race. Friday morning my body told me I had ridden a bit to much. Oh well, at least I know what my body is telling me.
Thursday my new wheels showed up. Got one training ride on them to try and break them in.

Ready to rock.

Friday night a few Duluth souls ventured down and stayed in the appartment above Milltown, thanks Ben for that.
This morning we were off to Sogn Valley for the day. Lucky us it was dry. A little windy and cool, but dry. A good size group of mid 30's or so showed up.
Again the first lap of the race was not super hard, the second picked up a bit. The last to laps only let up a few times. Full on bike racing. The third time up the hill I got a bit crampy for some reason, luckily I hid in the drafts for a bit and felt decent again. With about 3/4 lap to go the Ghost (Mr. Casper) snuck off the front, and with about 1/2 lap to go Doug and Wold blasted off. Should probably have been watching a bit better, but we all make mistakes...
They were long gone by the time any sort of chase was organized. Which for a little while was actually looking pretty good, with a Synergy, Nature Valley, and GP group working together. Some reason it did not last long and things fell apart. Naturally coming into the final climb things were going to be hard. I was hurting more then normal by this point and missed the initial group that got away just enough to gap the rest. Luckily with the help of Mr. Stanford the two of us caught back up. I was hurting a bit from that coming into the sprint, but still managed to pull of 9th.

The past two races have been extremely hard compared to last years, or at least from what I remember of them. Perhaps from the bigger fields, or people just wanna go fast. Either way, I like it!

I'll hopefully find some photos and post them.

10 April, 2009

Time keeps on tickin

The past few weeks have been relatively similar. Bike practice, work, class, clinicals, repeat. Not a bad schedule, just not worth writing about!
I have had a couple of good adventures. The most recent of which being yesterday. A water adventure.

A bit chilly, but sure pretty
They can't stick there head in the ground here.
It was too icy to use studs at some points...
Band-aids are good tire patches.
Lots of water.On the way out to sea.
Tried to make hot cocoa out there.
Max thought swimming would be fun too.The stove never worked though.
Swimming with a pack above the water is hard.

Soon, bike racing!