28 September, 2009

It's Here!

Yay, cross season. The best of all the world of bikes rolled into one delightful hour.
Today was my usual first of the year, out to St. Cloud it was. Usually a good course, with good food after, even though by the time the A race is done most of the chili is gone... Oh well.
Anyhow, after last weekend I did not expect anything much, but might as well go ride bikes if I can. Right from the start things felt good, and I guess for much of the race stayed so. I followed Mr. Dewey when he picked it up on lap 2 and that's how the race went. I kept him close for half of the race, then he just kinda rode away per usual. I tried to put time back but no good, I had a good pace going and was putting time on the chasers so just kept it there and came across 2nd. Quite a surprise, again considering last week and wanting to die. Who knows, but hey, I'll take it!

First barrier experience of the year!

I match...

Nice fast grass.

21 September, 2009

Win some, loose some

More often lose some, but I like to try... Ha!
Anyhow, as everyone knows this past weekend was Chequamegon. It was my first year joining the party, and I was very excited for it. I have heard so many fun things about the race.
After staying near OO at Mike and Michelle Haggs (thanks to them). Saturday morning came, and it was off to the bike race. Luckily I had preferred start so I did not have to get up at 5:00 A.M. to line up. Poor people...
After a few minutes warm up it was time to go. After hearing so many horror stories about the start, I was ready to fight some people to stay safe, did not have too, it was for the most part a calm start. Once to the open road it was fast, but sitting in not a problem. Although as soon as the speed picked up my legs said you are not ready yet, not enough warm up. In that race, I found out very quickly, if your not warmed up, things don't go well at the start. I did what I could, which was not enough to stay up. Hung with group 2 for a bit, then slowly drifted back as I simply could not recover from the simplest of hills. So I just held onto groups for as long as I could. About 45 minutes in I looked down and noticed my front skewer was open, strange, thought I tightened it real good. I had been in a good group, but lost that with that smart move...
About 80 minutes in I started feeling decent, and struck off to find the next group on the trail. However, I just ended up pulling a group of incredibly unhelpful riders. Only one Velorochester guy would help, everyone else just made me angry but I could not drop them and no matter how slow I would go (allowably slow) they would not go around.
The energy I had disappeared as fast as it came and I was left empty handed for the last 45 minutes of the race. I actually had to walk some worthless little bump because my legs were so crampy (crappy).
Eventually I finished, feeling like crap, dirty and dehydrated...

I rode with her for a good chunk of the race. As you can see I do not look pleased...

I did not have a very enjoyable
Chequamegon, but I can easily see how if one is feeling good, it would be a wonderful bike race. I will be back in the future to redeem myself.
I know why I sucked to. The past month (like I said before) has been crazy busy with school. Thus training has gone down the crapper, hopefully I won't be suffering like this for CX season which I guess has now started. Just gotta wait on the CX weather, not this nice stuff!

11 September, 2009

Busy Busy

Since the start of school I have been swamped. Rides have been a bit short because of so much studying that needs to be done, I guess that works out since I am just now getting rid of a cold I have had for a week.
I meant to write after State road race, but ran out of time. So long ago now, but all I remember is that it was one of the most fun races of the year...
Road season is finally done, next up is Chequamegon . It should be a great time, I have been riding my 29er as much as I can, mostly at Theo Wirth, since it is so close. Not a very challenging course, but lots of twists and turns, which is exactly what I need to work on. After that cross starts, how exciting, I love cross! I think I like it more then road racing...

But this is what is on my mind right now.

Back to the neurons!