27 June, 2008


Is getting expensive...
Ride bikes!
Like Chinese
Like bike racers
Or even better, like the Dutch!

Then no more

These would work too.

If we all used bikes and made trains, then maybe everyone would quite bitching!
And we would all be happy and skinny again.

So start by going:
or Here

As an added bonus,
We can stop this, and
save these guys.

We are all winners, and even if you don't believe in global warm/climate change. What is wrong with making the world a better place?

On another note. Come here.

16 June, 2008


Are you interested?
Please inquire.

15 June, 2008

A steep learning curve

I recently ended my Nature Valley Grand Prix experience, of course it did not end like I wanted to but I learned more about racing in the last few days then all spring. And being able to race against some of the best the country has to offer was a good experience.
I have been thinking of reasons for my lack luster performance of the last couple of days and I think I have figured out why I just did not have it. Not nearly enough of it in fact.
Mind you, these are not excuses, they are things I did wrong and thus can change in the future.

First off, my racing took a bit to long of a hiatus. In fact I am pretty sure it is what screwed me over. Between Nationals in the middle of May and Last Wednesday I did two short time trials and the State Fair crit. For me continuous racing is really what gets me up to speed. Thus going into Nature Valley I had plenty of base, but not the top end speed that I know I can muster. I know I can race with many of those guys, I raced with some of them in St. Louis, Collegiate Nationals, and around Minnesota. My body can do it, I just have to be prepared right. With that realization I know what I have to do.

Second, I found out I am afraid of the rain. I shouldn't be, but Wednesday I was terrified of crashing. That is no good. I need to work on fast cornering on wet streets. The only crit I can remember before Wed. in the rain was one in Lincoln, NE two years ago, and there were not even really any corners.

Finally, my diet. Spaghetti is good, but I need more that that...

I'll post pictures as I find them.

Also, I really would like to that Daniel Casper and Linda Sone for letting me shack up there for my run. Also the not so Doughboy and Mr. Hutton for being support for a few of the races. Having to do everything by myself sucked when I had to do it. Also for Dr. Boyce for stopping by for the TT.

05 June, 2008

Livin' the dream

Next week I get to live the dream. Race, eat, sleep, repeat. It should be a good time...
I just got my 1 upgrade, now I get to to race Nature Valley GP. I get to race with the big boys of American cycling, I get to get my legs ripped off for 5 days next week (hopefully).
I just want to thank all those who helped me out in being able to qualify, especially people such as Daniel Casper, Sean, Larry Martin, Tim Mulrooney, and everyone else. Hopefully I can make it though the race, that is my goal at this point.

Anyhow, last night was the last qualifier, it was fairly fast and a good time. I think I could still smell the old fryer grease on the State Fair Grounds.