25 August, 2009


As many know, I no longer live in Duluth. Last Thursday I packed the Subaru full and headed south to my new home near "The Wedge" in Minneapolis. I am now also attending paramedic school, thus the move, I was perfectly content in Duluth. Despite having stupidly long drives for bike races and similar cold weather...

The quiver ready to go.

Anyhow, after staying up way to late for various reasons on Friday night I woke up, and with a horrible stomach ache was off for 85 miles of fun just west of St. Cloud.

With the help of a 1/2/3 field the race was quite large, and with extreme luck for me nearly the entire first lap was really quite easy. The other 4, for many sections were not at all easy. Great course though, had good hills, and nice little towns that we rolled through. I felt ok for most of the race, hurt a little on the finish hill when the hammer fell, but considering the night before things were great. The final climb did not go well for me though. I cramped up pretty bad and just had to limp it in, such is life. However, I can attribute my issues (all the following completely my fault) to staying up to late, not drinking enough water, and failing to be able to stomach breakfast. Even though I hate to show up to a race without the aspiration of winning, or putting some serious work in to help someone win I had fun.

Sunday I did some mountain bike trail exploring. Someone tell me more trails, besides Lebanon.

I cruised around Theo Wirth. Nice, but small.

Today (Monday) I had class number one of paramedic school. 7:45-2:15 every day. I am quite pleased with the subject matter, and hopefully it will be a good time. My only issue is that class is in White Bear Lake, and I am all the way over in Minneapolis. Thus a (for me) long commute. For the last year and a half I have commuted 4 km to work. I am not a big fan of driving so I used this website to map out a route for me.
If you have never used this website and live in the Mpls/St. Paul area, and you like bikes, use it. It will blow your mind how cool it is. Mapquest for bikes!
A quick search showed the way, after class today I took off to see what the commute would take. About 75 minutes. There are tons of bike trails and lanes the whole way there.

Victory! Heading home.

06 August, 2009


I've been out and about one could say.
Today I got a new bike.

I think Chequamegon will go well on this. ZOOM!

Well, maybe not on that bike, but I did get a new bike today. Big tires are fun.
They allow you to go where ever you want...

and do wheelies there!

On the search for Sasquatch again.
No luck this time.

Apparently the link to Mr. Kask's website did not work on the last post. Try again here.