26 September, 2006

bent chain and some pain

well this weekend did not go as planned. saturdays mountain bike race started out with a good warmup on a fun trail. it was really wet, but i did not mind. then sometime inbetween finishing the warm up and the start my chain got bent a bit (i did not know that at the time). so as soon as the race started i got chainsuck. and kept getting it. my rear gears kept skipping as well so i thought maybe it was just really off. nope. at about 30 min in after not being able to make a full pedal revolution without issues i stopped to look at the chain. it was bent a full 90 degrees...the race needless to say was over for me. first sporting event ive ever dropped out of.

pictures are not working right now, so maybe later

after the race sean and i went to grandma lous where she made some spegehtti.
then off to st. johns to spend the night with teddy since the next race was in st. cloud.

sunday finally brought the sun. during the warm up i felt ok, not great, but i figured that would change once i got warmed up in the race. unfourtunaley that did not happen. i think from having a light cold all week my body just did not want to move fast. so i struggled through my first a crosss race and eventually finished far back from where i wanted to. oh well. next time...

now its back to the books for the week.

20 September, 2006

bring it on

my bike just got to bens shop. ill have it tonight. i cant wait to ride it. this weekend are my first races since spirit mnt. saturday is a colligate mtb race in elk river i think. then sunday is the first cross race of the season. hopefully 2 days on the cross bike will be enough for the race. this year im moving up to A, no more B for me!
other than a bit of a scratchy throat right now im feeling pretty good. the other day when it was almost snowing i went out for a 50 minute run, my legs never hurt, and that was my first run since that one in germany. my riding form is also feeling pretty good. my legs are not the former perma tired as i have known before while being at school. im excited to get back into the racing, its about time!
ill post about the races sunday night or monday.

16 September, 2006

the wind hates me

well, its been quite a while. school has been keeping me busy with all kinds of things to do. i have found time to ride though. the beginning of the week i did cross training with sean and charlie. we planned out a course on campus and are trying to get permission to host a race here. the lady we talked to gave positive feedback, she just was not the one who could say yes or no. hopefully we will get it approved. on wednesday i was going to ride my road bike, but the spoke was broke last week the day before the century on those really nice wheels (brandon screwed up). the wheels lasted through the ride, on wednesday i was starting from a stop light and that put to much pressure on the wheel and the spoke broke. ben was not happy about it. so then i rode cross on my mnt bike again. thursday afternoon i went over to milltown, got the wheel fixed, found out my mnt bike wheel (rim) is finished. so ordered a new on of those, i also ordered a cross bike. should be here next week early! horray! its a redline conquest pro.
but about the wind. its been on average this week 20 mph gusting to 30. its just insane. makes biking hard. and the wind just wont go away.

next weekend is the first cross race in st. cloud. there is also a collegiate mtb race there on saturday, but i have not decided if i am going to do that one yet.

the almost broken spoke

08 September, 2006


well, im back at olaf. good to see all the friends again. get out riding with other people again. the german house is pretty cool. as of right now my roommate has not moved in. that would mean i get my own room, as well as bathroom. that would be sweet!

today i rode over to fairbault to see what was happening. i picked up the demo bontrager xxx wheels. they are sweet. full carbon and all. i will be "demoing" them for the weekend and the jesse james ride.

you can try them after i am done, and buy them too. from milltown cycles! (see link to the right...)

01 September, 2006

"our state fair

is a great state fair dont miss it, dont even be late!"

well as seen above i went to the fair. it was sweet. it took a long time to get there because max and i drove all over, then ended up picking up jennie at olaf and going back up to the fair. then getting mildly lost in the cities. eventually we got there and the eating began. french fries, corn dogs, corn, cheese curds, hawian shaved ice, popcorn, a bucket of cookies, all you can drink milk, free quelsidea (i cant spell), nitro ice cream (frozen by using liquid nitrogen). and im sure i am forgeting some stuff.

we left the fair at 8ish and got back to olaf at 9 to drop jennie off. then we hung out for an hour then started to leave. max and i got out to the car and i said you wanna drive he said no, i didnt want to at all. so we went back in and i used a carpet as a blanket. it was sweet.
this morning we drove home and as soon as i got home i went sailing. only 1-3 foot waves today. but it was still fun. we (jason and i) were flying.
then i went biking. and no cramps! wahooo!