30 March, 2008

Round 2

Today was a delightful 80 mile frolic through the dessert, where it was hot and windy. Unlike way up der in da Nord, they start the pro/1 and the 2's differently (at least for this race). So the field was unfortunately not all that big.
The race itself was pretty normal. Hard at times, really easy (to easy) at others. For the first 3 laps (20 miles each) I laid low, not my usual jumpy self. I know I am not in as good as shape as these guys, since they have been racing for 2 months. I just hung out, sung some songs, that kinda thing. About 1/4 of the way on the last lap things picked up real nicely, the whole way back in it was a bike race, it was delightful. Sean got some new orthodics yesterday, and he said his feet were going to explode, so he had to slow up around there.
Anyhow, back to my race since this is my blog...Coming into the final corner I was in what was left of the peloton, 12 guys, I was on the far right of the road blocked in, the pace slowed up before the final rush before the finish. I took the opportunity to hit up the grav. on the shoulder to get better position. It worked, I came in 4th or 5th in the group sprint. I can't complain for my first real race of the year...
I don't have many complaints, but there are some things I did not like. First, people kept attacked through the feed zones, not just light attacks, but hard. That is not cool. The only other complaint was how sketchy some of the riders were, not looking around at all and such. On the first lap some cones got hit, just scared the pack thats all. The second lap coming into a different corner I yelled watch out for the cones, about 2 seconds later the kid right in front of me ran straight into one cone, stayed up, then blasted into a second, and flipped around. Luckily he went left instead of into me. I hope he is alright, he hit pretty hard.

The finish, I stole this from Nate.

29 March, 2008

Bike racin!

Today the racing season finally started. It has been a while since I have raced, and the first race of the season is always a party.
Anyhow, today was stage 1 of the three stage Tucson Bicycle Classic. A 3 mile TT on a fun little road (see profile below).
Earlier this morning, we (Sean, Nate and I) rode the Road Race course for tomorrow, and the TT course. Then after a quick lunch it was back to the course.
It got warm, and the wind switched to an always pleasant headwind just in time for the start. I felt pretty good for most of the trial, the last bit hurt a lot for how slow I was going, but it is early in the season. I know now that I have to work on shorter intervals, my base is good. Time to hit it hard.

Road signs were in KM for a short time.
We found an orange tree. Luckily for us some old lady said, "you know ya can't eat those, they will give you the shits from hell." That would cause problems for bike racing.
I tried hard. LSCC today St. Olaf tomorrow, I like to confuse people.
Power tap comparison. Sean likes to take lots of worthless pictures. This is just a sample

28 March, 2008


Tomorrow I get to race bikes, so today was a recovery day. Only 2 hrs 45 min of riding. I rode the course for the circuit race, which is on Sunday. It will be hard.

Sean was happy to play tennis under the lights.
Course for Sunday.
Sean got to ride his bike today, he was happy.

27 March, 2008

Bike practice on the Mountain.

I had bike practice twice today. Originally I was planning on riding 2 hours in the morn, then 3 in the afternoon with Sean. I started up Mt. Lemmon, and was having fun so I just kept going, I went to the top. All in all I was just shy of 4 hours, and around 100 km. After lunch I decided that I might as well make it 160.9 km (100 miles). I also decided that Mt. Lemmon again would be fun. After hurting more than I should have on the climbs yesterday, I decided I needed to search for my climbing legs.

The road is long.
Up, up and away!
The control panel for the morning. Everything you would ever need to know...
Sean tried to have bike practice, but his leg hurts to much.
Mid effort climbing face.

The last 2 miles of climbing of the day I tried to push it a bit. It hurt a bit, I don't feel like I found my climbing legs yet, but at least I can see them now.

26 March, 2008


This morning I again woke at the crack of dawn for bike practice. After yesterday I was not sure if I would feel strong enough for a hard group ride, but indeed I was. So at 6 I was off, and 6:45 the group of 40 or 50 took off. A few miles of easy, then the pace picked up a bit, after a few stoplights it was the open road. Attacks started soon after. A small group got away and I bridged most of the way, then got some help from a few others. That break got caught, and sooner after the same guys (this time with me) got off the front. For the next quite a few miles we rode hard and fast. It was great, a chance to get out and power away in front of people instead of behind...

After tennis I figured out a new work out.
I picked up a staple on the ride.
A rock mower.
Tan lines are coming along nicely.
The pool area

We had some fun with my camera, this is Sean being a shark. It just needs some Jaws music

25 March, 2008

Changing plans

This morning Sean and I started out for Mexico, we got an hour ten out and Sean's leg starting acting up. No point in hurting it so we turned around. Oh well, we went back to the condo, I filled the bottles and took off for Mt. Lemmon. It was time to go up. I did so for the next 2 hours. It made me tired. Then I came down fast, it too made me tired...

No wonder there is a water shortage...
I did not see a bear, but I did see a Sasquatch.
He even posed for me, he said he likes to escape the hard winters in Colorado by coming here.
The top on the way home. It took a few seconds under 2 hours to get here. 54 to get down.
I found snow. And $0.50Road
Sean, Nate.
Blub blub...

24 March, 2008

Whackin Balls.

We rode bikes for a short 3.5 hours today, it would have been a bit longer, but Sean's still having leg problems so we cut it short. I was fine with that because I was a little tired after yesterday. After a lunch of international foods: Chocolate chip pancake, eggs and tomato, spaghetti noodles, jerked sauce, it was time to whack some balls around a tennis court.

Sean trying to run Nate over with a cart
I like bikes
More gravel.
Whackin balls
Then ice cream
See any resemblance, I sure do.

Tomorrow, Mexico?

23 March, 2008

The Shoot Out

shot me out the back hard...
This morning we woke up before dawn to catch the shoot out ride.
There were a whole ton of people, I heard estimates of 200 or so. Everything was going well for a little while, then I really had to pee. I saw a red light up ahead and took action. Worse timing ever. The light is where the ride picks up, after a long pee I chased hard, got tired, then got caught by a group of fast guys who pulled me back to the group. However, it was to little to late. I spent the next 10 min yo yoing off the back then just could not hold it. I found groups along the way and still went pretty hard. It was a good time.
After the ride I met up with Sean who had leg problems early on and turned home. We rode around 40 more km and I finished my first century of the year in 5 hours and 50 seconds.
Then it was grocery store, happy hour, and mini golf...

Sean fell asleep on the way to the ride.
Waiting for a train.
Gosh, that was hard...Home for the week.Sean and his chocolate chip tuna pancake.
I handily destroyed him in mini golf.

22 March, 2008

Vitamin D

Provided by the friendly sun was plentiful today.
The whole condo thing is still messed up, we never got the one we were originally supposed to get. I think it is a scam, but stubborn Sean still thinks it is not.
Anyways, death cramps were all gone today as usual. Good, but confusing. While we were waiting for our condo to be cleaned we went to a Mexican restaurant. Then unpacked and rode bikes, it was fun.

Birds like chips too...
Sean keeps having cleat problems.
Then we found gravel!
We went up for 6 km, then found a place to stop going up. Sean and Nate went back, I kept riding, I rode up to mile 11 on Mt. Lemmon, I found pine trees.
Marshmellow Mateys, the best post ride food on the planet.

Tomorrow we have to get up at 6ish to go do the shoot-out ride. It will hurt...

21 March, 2008


We left the snowy tundra of Northfield, and after way way to long in the car we arrived in Tucson, AZ where it is warm and sunny, and there are lots of cacti. After realizing we may have been scammed on getting our condo we went for a bike ride. Words are boring, pictures are fun.

Sean learning to drive a stick
Sir, are you aware that Nebraska sucks.
Some mom named this town.
Sean really wanted to see The Thing, I tagged along and it was definitely the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I can't tell you what it is though, I had to sign a contract...Sean being legitimately angry about not have a condo.
Death cramps hurt.
I had lots of stopping time to take pictures going up Mt. Lemon.
Temporary relief...

Also here is what St. Olaf published.