29 January, 2010

New Olympic Sport

27 January, 2010

Buy me

For Sale:
Extremely badass 2009 Specialized Tarmac SL Pro.
56 cm.
Full SRAM Red brakes, shifters, hoods.
Dura Ace 10 spd chain with Ultegra 12/25 cassette.
Bontrager Race X Lite wheels (Strange, I know) with white spokes, which have never been ridden!
Almost new bar tape, and Toupe seat.
FSA K-Force seat post.
Was raced and ridden a fair amount since April, but taken care of extremely well. One small chip in the white paint on the underside of the frame, can't even see it.
Selling on ebay right now for $3,000 I will sell it for less then that for sure. Email me and I'll let you know the price.

Fancy FSA seatpost

Almost brand new rear shifter/brake hood
DA chain, very few miles on it, with never ridden wheels.

See told you it was badass...

08 January, 2010

Long Haul

As we were out west, we were hoping that Colorado would get slammed with some snow, and the hills would all open up. However this never happened, so the icy half opened mnts of CO remained untouched by my skis. In addition to low snow, travel across the midwest was supposed to get awfully sketchy the next few days, and I did not want to get stuck in North Platte, NE...
From Salt Lake we drove South to Moab to check it out, sadly I did not have my bicycle. But the town was pretty cool. We also visited Arches National Park, since we were in the area.
Following that we blasted across the mountains in the dark to Denver, then after a stop at a fabled Waffle House. Finding any of these above the Mason Dixon Line is a task. I would bet we were at the furthest north establishment... The closest one to Mpls is in central MO. It was back home. We could have made it in two stops, but I did not trust the coffee at one of our stops, so we had to do a redo...
It was a good trip.

There were very few others around.

This particular arch spans around 100 meters.It was cool with the red rock and snow.
Cliff hanger."Balanced Rock"We pushed it to the max in Nebraska...

06 January, 2010


After Montana it was off to Salt Lake City for a few days of skiing. Salt Lake is quite nice, not too big, and surrounded by mountains. I would recommend a trip there if you have not already been.

Snowbird gave us a nice view in the morning.
They also have a tunnel with a "magic carpet."
Next up was Alta, which is only for skiers.
Good terrain there too.
Downtown Salt LakeSolitude, a much smaller, more local place was beautiful.Despite 3 days without significant snow, we still found plenty of powder with a short hike.