30 March, 2010

March or June?

I am not really sure

24 March, 2010

March(ing) along

The weather has been quite nice in these parts as I am sure most of you know. I've ridden multiple times in shorts, which at least for me in March here is not something that happens. I have definitely enjoyed it, I just have to be sure I don't wear myself out to early this year...

Last week I set out in search of country roads

It took way too long to find them. The endless suburbs never cease to amaze me.

Yesterday I had a good adventure...
I almost thought I was in Euroland for a moment. People were using trains,

planes, and


I even passed a castle,

but lacked a boat. Detours are no fun.

Especially when you need to pee.

Handicap boat parking?

At least there is minimal smog right now.

And yes, the grass is greener on this side.

18 March, 2010

It's Time...


In other news
I rode to the wrong side of the river the other day...

Today this made me hungry.

Finally, people are dumb.

06 March, 2010

Spring is springing?

Hopefully. 40+ this whole week, rain tonight, time for sun.
Winter has been good, lots and lots of skiing, up until a few weeks ago pickup hockey, and a fair amount of beer brewing. The roads are starting to dry out, but the bike trails (Greenway) are still wet and/or icy...
I've been riding a bit, but am enjoying skiing until the last minute, the bike season is long.

Lake of the Isles pond hockey.
Homebrew explosion
One of the parents dogs (Stella) visited last weekend and enjoyed ski time.

which is almost finished.

On a completely different note, this is one badass swiss army knife... Buy it here.
Hope you don't need a tool soon, may take some searching...