31 August, 2008

This and that

Late last week I took off to the Boundary waters with some friends. It got real cold on us on the second day. By the last morning there was frost. Not only was the air cold the whole time, but it was windy as can be. Hurricane Thelma we figured...

For lack of warm clothes these had to do...
Without this, surely death.
Sunrise in the fire zone
Then the mist cleared...
We covered pretty much the whole map. Starting at round, going through Tuscarora, over to Gabimichigami and then back home.

Since then I have basically been trying to put together two cross races. I am finally down to the finishing items. One of the races is going to be at night. It is going to be quite fun. So Sept. 27 and 28 get ready for some good fun!

Today was the hill ride. A record low turnout of 2. Nonetheless we rode the 20 most prominent hills in Duluth, in absolutely perfect weather... It ended up being 161 km and taking 7 hours 10 minutes. Surprisingly I feel pretty dang good still.

In other cross news Specialized won the bid for giving me a team this fall. So thanks much to them!

19 August, 2008


Due to the fact that the first two hills are not actually in the city, and add around 40km to the ride. It has been decided that they will be removed. Thus the route is shorter, and more manageable. Everything else is the same.
1. Highway 23
2. Jay Cooke


From there we head West then come back East, Go more East. Stopping whenever we feel like it. Then come back to the BU for beer (a bunch of it for free).

Here is the map.
http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/united-st ... 8711107708

Print this out before you come up. A list of the hills
1. Highway 23 to overlook
2. Jay Cooke to Tompson
3. Becks Rd., Midway to just past golf course
4. 59th Ave West. To Highland/Gretchell
5. 40th Ave West
6. 27th Ave West to Skyline to 28th Ave West to Exhibition.
7. Lincoln Park
8. 24th Ave West to piedmont
9. (take Skyline to W. 5th Street to 11th Ave. to 1st. to Glen Pl. to Superior St.) then back up to 10th Ave W. to Observation Rd. to Arlington.
10. (down to Skyline, to 8th Ave West. To 4th Street. Over to) 5th Ave West “goat hill”
11. Lake Ave. to 1st Ave E. to Mesaba, to Rice Lake Rd.
12. (Central Entrance to 2nd Street) 11th Ave E. to top by Summit School
13. 19th Ave E. to junction to up by UMD dorms
14. 21st Ave E.
15. (London Rd) 32 Ave E. to Superior St. to Hawthorn, to Vermillion Rd. to Wallace, to Arrowhead. Stop at Super One
16. Congdon park dr. from superior st.
17. (Superior St.) 45th Ave E. to Glenwood.
18. 7 Bridges Rd.
19. Lester River Rd.
20. (to) Strand Rd. Riley Rd. (Jean Duluth) Pleasantview Rd.

() indicate how to get to hill...

Places to sleep can be figured out without a problem.

17 August, 2008

A better use for wind...

Last week Thursday brought about a strong east wind. That means big waves on the Lake. So as soon as I got of work, instead of riding bikes I decided to go sailing. It was quite a nice little break from the road. We (Max and I) only tipped once, and it was not really our fault, the rope got caught on the boat. Anyhow it was really fun, it better get windy again soon...

We were often looking up at the waves.

Enjoy some "virtual sailing"

Don't forget August 30th. Hill ride, be here.

14 August, 2008

Wet rides and an invite

Today gravel roads started. It was dry all day long, of course it decided to rain in about a 5 mile wide path. The path exactly where all of our gravel is...
It was still a party, just really hard with skinny tires at some points.

A few of us...
It was dark when I got home.
I would have to consider it epic...

And the invite.
Mark your calender. This coming Sat. August 30th will be the annual hill ride in Duluth. The exact course is yet to be finalized, but it will be over 100 miles, with lots and lots of climbing.
The basic idea is to hit as many of the hills in Duluth as we can. Starting out west and coming east.
The ride will start at the Burrito Union, on 4th street, and travel way out west to start. a good 50-60 minute warm up. Then climb all the way past home and then back to the BU for a bit of a party.
I will get the course figured out soon and see if I can conjure up a map. At least a list.
Check back often.
For sleeping, I cant offer much in terms of beds, but plenty of tent space. Although, I am sure many of you know someone in Duluth.

These are some samples...
Infamous Lake Ave.
Steepest paved hill in Duluth (note stairs in sidewalk)
The well hidden Minneapolis Ave.

Any questions?

01 August, 2008

For Sale

Cat 1. rider sick of not having a team. Can be bought for the cheap cheap price of a kit and all or some entry fees. 4yrs. exp. road racing. 3 yrs. exp. in cyclo-cross.
Act fast! Offer only while supplies last.

Week Off.

State crit went alright, the new bike worked great, but the old legs did not. Thus a week off*.
Next week we are starting up "Gravel Road Wednesdays," the title is pretty explanatory. But in case you did not get it, we go ride gravel on Wed. and go fast from as soon as the gravel starts until we find pavement again. It should be a party, if you are interested. Meet at The Ski Hut in Duluth at 4:50 for a 5:00 start.

*excludes commuting, and riding bikes for work.