28 February, 2009

Am Bodensee

Yesterday, like the rest of my time spent here in Germany, was spent for the most part on my bicycle. An easy 60 minute cruise in the morning to loosen up, which was really quite nice. Then a good lunch, followed by 6 x 5km of steep climbs. I would have needed another two hours of daylight and a different bike seat to get all 10 in. Plus, 30 km of steep was all I really needed. Due to the wet streets, it got very cold as the sun went down...

Top of one climb.
Light up booties saved me again...

Today I traveled south, into a nice headwind, down to Konstanz, where I met Leo and Vera (the people I am staying with). We had a nice time walking around the city. It was really nice to be back, and the weather was really really nice, 55 F or so. The air was clear to, so you could see the Alps in the distance.
Make it big, see the Alps
3 hours 20 minutes into ride.
3 hours 30 minutes into ride
Back to the Lake.
This lamp costs 2,248 Euros...
So warm there is a palm tree!

Tomorrow I take the train back to Konstanz, possibly ride to the Alps, then stay my last night in Germany at a friends house from the bike team.

26 February, 2009

Back to Germany

Finally, figured out how to make blogger work!

I showed up in Frankfurt after a days worth of traveling, and not nearly enough sleeping. I was just not comfortable in the airplane seat this time. Anyhow it was good to be back in Germany, and to use my German again, it is a bit rusty, but it is coming back quickly. I am not really having trouble communicating, just talking about details...
Anyhow, after the plane and then a 4 hour train ride, I showed up to the Bühlers, my exchange family from the first time I came here. Both the kids my age are off at school, so I am hanging out with the parents and eating good food. No nighttime activities which make good for my week long training camp here.
Despite feeling like I was going to tip over from exhustion upon arrival I set out on a bike ride (yes, of course I brought the bike, and it flew for free here). I ended up riding for 2:45 in rain/snow. It was 5 C so not to cold. This place is very different in winter, the roads are harder to recognize. I am told that usually at this time of year the flowers are starting to bloom, bad luck. But it is much warmer then home still. The last 2 days above 10 C.

The Germans like their signs.
One of my favorite climbs in the area, a good 5km of steep.
Wednesday I decided to try and ride to Konstanz, 80 km. one way over very hilly terrain. Normally not a problem. But I got lost a whole bunch of time and had to turn around 15 km short, I still got back well after dark. Luckily, and thanks to Pearl Izumi at Frostbike my booties now light up, without those I probablly would have been run over....
On the way to Konstanz, towards the steep hills on the horizon.
This photo was taken 45 min later... Elevation makes a huge difference here.
Bodensee! Can´t see in this photo, but the Alps were visible. Sunday I think I will make an attempt at them. All in all ride time was 6:12... I slept to much and started at 1 instead of 10 like I wanted.

Thursday I decided to explore the Swäbische Alpen. The hills in the area around here. I found lots of nice roads, got lost again, and ended up riding 5.5 hours.
This was a fun climb.
Complete with tunnels.

Tomorrow I think I will stay in the area and do lots of climbing. 10 x 5km. That should wear me out.
Saturday to Konstanz, Sunday hopefully Alps, Monday Finland...

15 February, 2009

Change Up

Due to the fact that over the warm spell the hiker destroyed the trails I have had to find other places to pedal.
Yesterday I explored some snowmobile trails, and today as follows:

You've heard of crust skiing, but how about...
crust biking?

After hanging out at a local ski race it was time for round two. Again with the trails ruined I had to go elsewhere. I chose to explore Park Point again.

It was really bumpy, again with help from hikers, but there were some good sections that were nice and icy, thus fast and fairly smooth. For the most part it was way to bumpy...
But sure pretty.
My chamios zone could not take the beating for another hour, so I stumbled onto the bay. Which happen to be really nice and icy and smooth. Quite nice.
And all open...
Plus, I got to see a flying boat.

But, even with the ice being feet thick, and full of cars, people still manage to find thin spots. So one must be careful!

In one week I'll be here.

08 February, 2009

For Sale!

Everything must go!

Tarmac SL2 Pro. $3,250!

S-Works mountain bike. Starting around $825.
Rudy Project Glasses. $70 for everything.

Salomon Snowboard boots, $55.

Salomon Snowboard and bindings. $145