29 September, 2008

Race Results

Thanks to all who came up for the weekend. Hope you all had a good race.
Pictures will hopefully be found soon.

Bikes and Lights

Cat 1/2, and 35 +

Place Overall Category Place Category Name Team
1 1 1/2 Aric Hareland Synergy
2 2 1/2 Ezra Taylor Kenwood
3 3 1/2 Kyle Fry Cycle Solutions
4 1 35+ John Struchynski Great Plains
5 4 1/2 Jake Boyce Specialized
6 2 35+ CJ Faulkner Crossniacs
7 5 1/2 Harry Anderson Specialized
8 3 35+ Jay Henderson Hollywood
9 6 1/2 Kent Throlson LSC
10 4 35+ Jared Roy Crossniacs
11 7 1/2 Rick Laliberte Great Plains
12 8 1/2 Lance Benning Grandstay
13 5 35+ Matt Stein Hollywood
14 6 35+ Scott Hale Crossniacs

Cat 3, 45+, women open

Place Overall Category Place Category Name Team
1 1 3 Joshua Tesch u/a
2 2 3 Paul Belknap Bay City Cycles
3 1 45+ Robert Douglas Ridley
4 3 3 Dace Schuneman Peace Coffee
5 4 3 Shawn Gort LSCC
6 5 3 Thomas Manderfeld LSC
7 6 3 Mike Smith Ridley
8 2 45+ Bill Kuster LSC
9 7 3 Charlie Schad House of Pizza
10 8 3 Eric Sundstrom LSC
11 9 3 Rich Bergstrom Gopher Wheelmen
12 10 3 Joe Schlechter Ridley
13 11 3 Dan Cleary LCS
14 12 3 Adam Bier Velo Rochester
15 3 45+ Dean Gies Ski Hut
16 4 45+ Rich Whitman Ridley
17 1 WO Margot Herman Ridley
18 5 45+ Todd Trembley Milltown Cycles
19 6 45+ Dave Langely Team Beat
20 13 3 Mike Hall LSCC

DNF 40

DNF 53

DNF 58

Cat 4 men/women, Jr. 10-14. 15-18

Place Overall Category Place Category Name Team
1 1 4 Mario Hernandez Vlaam Scythes
2 1 Jr. 15-18 Conrad Roberts Barraboo Sharks
3 2 4 Scott Nesvold u/a
4 3 4 David Muecke Birchwood
5 4 4 Zach Mohr u/a
6 5 4 Nick Vetter u/a
7 6 4 Jake Boening u/a
8 7 4 Richard Dryer Vlaam Scythes
9 1 Jr 10-14 Nils Bolberg MnJRC
10 8 4 Taylor George Crossniacs
11 9 4 Patrick Groupman SPBRC
12 10 4 Jeff Colbeth Big Ring Flyers
13 11 4 Nate Swanberg Synergy
14 12 4 Randall Dietel Vlaam Scythes
15 13 4 Steve Pippen MCT
16 14 4 Matt Leizinger Excel
17 15 4 Gustavo Barradas u/a
18 16 4 Kurt Martinson Crossniacs
19 17 4 Curt Cline u/a
20 18 4 Dennis Liphart u/a
21 19 4 Clay Kramer MCT
22 20 4 Danieal Boyles u/a
23 21 4 Matt Hill Vlaam Scythes
24 22 4 Jim Redmond Crossniacs
25 1 W4 Kris Brazil Milltown Cycles
26 23 4 James Oliver u/a
27 2 W4 Andrea Peabody-Smith Big Ring Flyers
28 24 4 Quinn Williams u/a
29 25 4 Paul Tocko Synergy
30 26 4 Kenneth Smith Gopher Wheelmen
31 2 Jr 10-14 Katie Liphart u/a

Back to School CX

Cat 1/2, and 35 +

Place Overall Category Place Category Name Team
1 1 1/2 Kyle Fry Cycle Solutions
2 2 1/2 Ezra Taylor Kenwood
3 3 1/2 Micha Moran Grandstay
4 4 1/2 Jake Boyce Specialized
5 1 35+ Oliver Vrambout Fahatik
6 2 35+ Jared Roy Crossniacs
7 3 35+ John Struchynski Great Plains
8 4 35+ CJ Faulkner Crossniacs
9 5 35+ Jay Henderson Hollywood
10 5 1/2 Kent Throlson LSC
11 6 1/2 Harry Anderson Specialized
12 7 1/2 Rick Laliberte Great Plains
13 6 35+ Matt Stein Hollywood
14 8 1/2 Josh Schwantes Kenwood
15 9 1/2 Scott Houle Crossniacs


Cat 3, 45+, women open

Place Overall Category Place Category Name Team
1 1 45+ Gregory Goblirsch Ridley
2 1 3 Nikoli Anikin Coninental
3 2 45+ Rob Douglass Ridley
4 3 3 Peter Flanagan FCCC
5 4 3 Shawn Gort LSCC
6 5 3 Rich Bergstrom Gopher Wheelmen
7 6 3 Kolyn Kirkham Peace Coffee
8 7 3 Mike Smith Ridley
9 8 3 Dan Cleary LSC
10 9 3 Dave Schuneman Peace Coffee
11 10 3 Paul Belknap Bay City Cycles
12 11 3 Adam Birr Velo Rochester
13 12 3 Joe Schlechter Ridley
14 13 3 Samuel Meier Synergy
15 14 3 William Kuster LSC
16 3 45+ Rich Whitman Ridley
17 4 45+ Mike Weispfennig LSCC
18 15 3 Margot Herman Ridley
19 1 W Sara Morse Ridley
20 2 W Dave Langely Team Beat
21 5 45+ Todd Termbly Milltown Cycles
22 16 3 Mike Hall LSCC

Cat 4 men/women, Jr. 10-14. 15-18

Place Overall Category Place Category Name Team
1 1 4 Mario Hernandez Vlaam Scythes
2 1 Jr 15-18 Conrad Roberts Baraboo Sharks
3 2 4 Scott Nesvold u/a
4 3 4 Zach Mohr u/a
5 4 4 Richard Deyer Vlaam Scythes
6 5 4 Randall Dietel Vlaam Scythes
7 6 4 Nate Swanberg Crossniacs
8 7 4 Jeff Colbeth Big Ring Flyers
9 8 4 Adam Hansen LSCC
10 9 4 Matt Haggerty u/a
11 20 4 Curt Cline u/a
12 11 4 Graham Tolbert u/a
13 12 4 Matt Liezinger Excel
14 1 Jr. 10-14 Nils Bolberg MnJRC
15 13 4 Jim Olives u/a
16 14 4 Dan Boyles u/a
17 15 4 Dennis Liphart Bay City Cycles
18 16 4 Tim Morse u/a
19 17 4 Sam Fehrenbach u/a
20 1 W4 Kris Brazil u/a
21 18 4 Quinn Williams u/a
22 2 W4 Jean Peabody-Smith Big Ring Flyers
23 19 4 Peder Morse u/a
24 20 4 Boh Houle u/a
25 2 Jr 10-14 Katie Liphart u/a

25 September, 2008

Race Time

Hope you've been eating your carrots, it is time to race at night. Finally preparations are getting done, including acquiring lots of beer.
See you all Saturday night.

22 September, 2008

Off to a slow start.

Today was the much anticipated first cross race of the season. I had felt ready this whole past week. I felt great training up until Thursday and was flying during my interval sessions. As we were driving down today I just mentally shut down after I realized how hard I was going to try and go I think. Never good...As I toed the line I just felt like I was not ready to race, I tired to block that out, but as much as I wanted the thought to go away, they hung out. Despite that it was off, I had a poor starting position and paid for it on the first lap as I tried to get around people to the splintering group. The first few laps went alright, I was hurting a lot, but figured the race would just slow down enough to recover a little. I forgot, it is cross, it does not slow down, ever.
At one point I clipped a wheel, lost momentum and lost my group, slowly I fell further back, ended up with another group, and a small pileup destroyed the rhythm again and I pretty much blew up. This was right around halfway into the race. After reviewing heart rate info I found that I achieved my max of 195 right before I blew up, just an interesting note. For the next few laps I just tried to keep pedaling. At one point my brake hood came loose and would wobble around for the rest of the race, after dogging it for a bit I got caught by a guy moving fairly quick for being so far back, I jumped on his wheel and was racing again. We only caught two guys, but hey, that is just that much better...
The last 2 laps were spent cursing at my pedal, which after the race I found out was very, very loose, some of the internal parts are bustigated, hopefully warranty will cover that!

In the end I just did not feel fast today. Sure the mechanicals did not help, but they are no excuse for riding as slow as I did. I placed worse today, then all of last year, even after burning out. The good news is I can get faster this year, instead of the usual start high end low...
I'm reviewing the training log now, last year before this race I had been sick and took the week pretty easy. This past week I have hit it hard, perhaps that is the reason? I guess I'll find out soon.

Hurting early...
Hollywood is right, I do looked very scrunched. Time to fit it.

Restart to the race.

Hope to see everyone up here under the lights next weekend!

13 September, 2008

Christmas come early

First off, a quick mention. I rejoined the runner's world on Wednesday when I decided to do one of the trail running races up here in Duluth. Basically a whole bunch of people get together and go race around a different trail each week. With a whopping entry fee of $1, I don't know how many I will be able to go to...
It was pretty fun though, I had not done a running race since cross country in high school. It was really entertaining to run full blast through some rough trail. Including running through a river multiple times. Overall I think there were over 80 people there, including most of the top runners in the area. I had absolutely no expectations of doing well and just did it to see what happened. I was not to far back in the end, just a couple of minutes. I think the course was 8.5 km and I had something just over 35 minutes for it.

Friday at the Ski Hut was a very good day. The energy was high in the shop due to the fact that the brand new multiple $10,000 ski edger was being brought to life for the first time. I guess that will make our life much much easier down in the shop. All I know is that the things inside look like a contraption out of Star Wars.
Well that was being put together by the Companies guy, Jimmy Johns decided that we deserved sample sandwiches and dropped of a very large box of them.
Shortly after that the usual knock on the deliver door came, and to my surprise (I was not sure if they would ever come) and delight our new cross bikes showed up.
For a while the Shop was a complete mess. Boxes, tools, people, bikes, skis, people, dogs everywhere. It was great.
I then proceeded to rip off what I needed from my old cross bike, take all my new parts, and throw the thing together as fast as I could so I could go for a bike ride. However I did also have to put my old bike back together, so those in combination took way too long. Eventually I got it all done and zipped home, got things adjusted and went pedaling. Not until 5:30 though...

I brought a blinky and ended up riding until 9. The moon was really bright and made the roads easy to see, not so much the trails.I am quite please with the ride, it is significantly better than ye old Red Line. And it really wants to go fast. If you look closely you may notice it has SRAM, yes SRAM. It has SRAM because it was significantly cheap than even 105 set, it came from QBP as a cyclo-cross build kit, and Shimano take 2-4 weeks for delivery. This came next day. So far I am still a bit weirded out by the Double tap, but it is not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be...

Last night I got an email from Kangaroo Jack that told me about a nice long ride with lots of watts that he just did. Due to this, and the fact that my plan to race Chequamegon fell though I had the perfect riding plan for today. Go faster then Mr. Noonan. So that is what I did. I also bonked hard core, had I not come across a group of UMD riders coming home from Two Harboors I may have gotten hypothermia and died due to the cold rain that decided to come with 30 minutes left.

Time to go drink beer.

Oh, don't forget the CX races in Duluth! You better be here for them.

01 September, 2008

Cross Races!

Here are the flyers. All we are missing are a few sponsors that dont have logos made up yet.
Hope everyone can make it. It will be a great time.