25 August, 2010

Well then...

I had a dream that I updated this blog a few nights ago, I figured I'd take the leap and make my dreams come true...

It's been a busy summer... and spring... (April 23rd was a really long time ago), far too many things happening to bore the now non existent following of this poorly written bit of internet space, so I'll use photos for most of it.
In short I have been:
Clinicaling (HIPPA says I can't take photos)
Pedaling (see below)
Adventuring (also somewhere beneath)
Sweating (you don't really want to see that)

I rode the first part of the road season on a cross bike. Don't let anyone tell you it can't be done.

Then road in gravel with my road bike. I love it when that happens.
Got angry at something in Stillwater.
But got over it quick!

Did a few delightfully fun mountain bike races. Which I need to do more of.
Was reminded how much better trails are then time trails.
Had a low number of racers at the Northfield Crit, and lots of drama about Ride Of the Year following... Relax, show up next year, and have fun.

It's rained a lot down here this year.
I mean A LOT.
Luckily my house is up on the hill behind me in the photo, no problem for me!
I've gone camping, or surfing on this past trip.
We invaded Canada and fought the Mounties off with paddles while distracting them with orange life jackets. Then built a phallic shaped object to commemorate our glorious victory.
And brushed my teeth as best I could.
And just got back from a friends wedding out in Montana, I do enjoy the mountains.

Coming up soon are a whole bunch more clinicals, state road race (the last of the year), Cheq. and then CX! Yahoo! Maybe I'll update more, maybe not, bribes of good things to eat and drink to keep you entertained help...