31 December, 2008

Ice galore

The last few weeks have seen, for the most part, cold temps and good winds. Some coming off the Lake. Thus down on Park Point there are some very large ice shelfs. With the discovery of how well studs work on icy trails, I decided to put them to the ultimate test of lake ice. Once I found the proper line, which happen to be right near the 4 foot drop off into the water, it was quite fast. Every once in awhile there would be big chunks of ice that I had the joy of just clawing right over.

My warm up.

Cool formations.

Studs worked so well I almost made it up a wall.

On the way back up the hill to my house I took some trails, and to my surprise was able to ride right up a snow covered stair case.
I kinda want to go do laps at a hockey rink now.

29 December, 2008

I am a stud

fan now. I just bought a pair of studs for my bicycle and man are those things incredible. Ice is no longer my enemy but something I can tear around on like it is dry pavement. I had no idea they made such a big difference. Unfortunately the cost my a weeks worth of working, but I am told they will last 10 years, I guess that would make them worth it.

Zoom Zoom. Winter training here I come.

Shortly after the last post life got really quite busy. Between working at the Hut, my second home and taking all kinds of tests for EMT certification. I had zero time to train or even really just sit. Now that class has been successfully completed (feel safer when you come to my bike races, unless Daniel and Linda are there, then feel really really safe) I have more time to play.
Right before Christmas I got new downhill skis, boots, and all. Not normal downhill stuff, but rather Alpine Touring, meaning I can easily access any hill I damn well please. No need for lift tickets...One of my new play grounds, the depth does not show up too well, but it gets nice and steep.
Skiing fun.

I am pretty excited to go out and explore some more on the skis. Thursday calls for a trip up the shore for good views and deep snow.

14 December, 2008

Let it come

Winter is coming, we are currently being clobbered by a large snowstorm. Fun! The more the merrier. Now I just need my skis to arrive (on order), life will then be delightful.

My practical and written tests for EMT certification are this next week, I've been spending a lot of time out at the training center to practice. Inside there is a giant treadmill. After riding out to class (20 some miles out there) I realized I could get some good heat training in!

Much more entertaining then rollers!

11 December, 2008

Don't Ask

I don't know why. But hey, it is entertaining, and this time no words were put into my mouth!

08 December, 2008

Gettin my redneck on

There are some things I like about this country, others which I strongly dislike. However, one of my favorite things is that when one has the urge to go shoot things, there is not much to stop he or she from doing so.
Last night that urge hit, thus Max, Jason, and I cruised on up to an undisclosed location and got our redneck on. Meaning, we shot just about anything and everything we could find, except a chipmunk enjoying a nut, and each other.

We were searching for Bugs Bunny, but alas, he out smarted us. This time...

The kill of the day.
Conditions became dangerous.
But we made it home, and the tree made it into the car. Somehow...

On a completely different note. I took the following photo the other day while night biking. It turned out pretty cool looking.

04 December, 2008



One who insists on the highest quality at the lowest price.
Being an econnoisseur I bought the ten dollar chilean wine instead of the fifty dollar french.
This is indeed who I am, the last of the Moroccans found it on urban dictionary.

On that note I am getting some downhill skis. Now I just need lots of snow to go tromp through the forested hillsides on Duluth and the Northshore. And to go on a mountain adventure out West somewhere. Hopefully that will happen sometime this spring.

Due to the fact that there is little to no snow, the bike trails are all really really fun right now. My searchlight and I have been tearing it up again. It is just so much fun being out there when there is not anyone else. You get the trails all to yourself.
Tonight's ride involved riding some new trails, as well as plenty of old, and some nice views.
The old hockey haunt. Glen Avon.

Some trails are faster then others, and even more fun in the dark.

As much fun riding is right now, I could use some job security. Luckily the Jet Steam looks to be a bit more favorable then it has the past few days. Maybe we will get some winter sometime soon...

Happy Army?