17 July, 2009


I have been unhappy with my training and racing for over a month now, and things I have been doing, have not been working. It just so happens that I have a good buddy (Jason Kask) that has majored in performance coaching, and is going to grad school for high performance science. Read make you go faster.
I finally got Powertap back from the company, thus getting all the data I need for the test. This evening it went down and fun information was found

Post test sweaty.

Anyhow, check him out. He knows his shit.

Even his own legit website.

13 July, 2009

Raspberry Festival

I have never found the real raspberries at the Hopkins Raspberry Festival. It is at least a month before they are ripe and for the picking, maybe they should change the name to strawberry festival or something that they can actually provide...
Despite not finding any fruit, there were quite a few figurative raspberries to be found after the races yesterday. A big field and flat fast course caused some problems in the 1/2 field. There were a couple of broken bikes, hopefully no bones, and lots of road rash. No fun.
Despite the crashes here and there the race was pretty fun. We were cruising right from the start and did not let up too often. There were all kinds of attacks, but nothing could stay away. I think the longest break was all of two laps. Instead of my usual dumb racing I tried to race at least somewhat intelligently, just covering attacks that no other teammates were in and generally just be ready to go if I needed too. I was feeling good coming into the finish, but a crash right in front of me on the final corner proved difficult to sprint around. Plus I was much further back then I had thought I was.

I need to sell my mountain bike still. I know someone out there wants it!
800 bucks for an S-Works, can't get any better then that.

06 July, 2009

Northfield Crit and associated events

Huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the race this year. Especially Ben Witt of Milltown Cycles and Olivier Vrambout of The Bikery . Also to Northfield itself, the Witt Family, all the volunteers who came out, and all the racers for showing up. It was a great day.
Other information including results can be found here.

Not wanting to miss out on the action, I raced as well. I think I am starting to get some energy back in my legs. Definitely not where I was in early May, but much better then at NVGP. Now I just need to concentrate my energies into one move rather then a whole bunch of little worthless ones. Time to race smart again.
Besides that I had a good time during the race. It was nice and safe and decently fast, not that hard, but still fast enough to be a bike race!

Also thanks to the Casper/Sone house for putting on a kick ass after party.

After watching the fireworks, a couple of us had the urge to go put some holes in the ground. So on Sunday Ben, Ben's friend Curtis, Daniel, and I rolled up just north of Northfield with a small arsenal. Daniel and I rode bikes there, the others played convoy. For the next few hours we pumped the gravel put full of hot lead.

Daniel saw some bad guys, hopped off the bike and saved the day.
Then fended them off with one hand.

Helmets are always a good idea.