21 October, 2009

It's Back!

The pinwheel of death.

It'll be badass, everyone show up. All proceeds benefit teams that keep kids from getting fat!

Bike Polo

I did not race last weekend. I simply did not want to drive, so I found other entertainment.
Saturday was quite nice, I got out for a good ride on the new mtb. and got some good sightseeing in.

For being a big city, Mpls is really quite nice.

This dog (center) was people watching, no owners in sight, just sitting enjoying life.

Sunday was again nice, the trails were all packed. I rode by these guys, then decided it looked like fun, asked if I could join in and played for an hour. Apparently they play Thursday nights, game on!

Bike polo.

14 October, 2009


I woke up on Saturday morning with no plans to go bike racing, until I looked outside. There was snow, bike riding in the snow is fun... really.
So I went and raced. The snow turned to mud and it was real cross racing!
The race went ok, nothing special, but I had a good time.
I did get to whip the first sh!tty of the year though. Gotta practice that winter driving.

Sunday was racing at Theo Wirth, I rode my bike there. Such a nice option, after all the driving the past years for bike racing. Living in Mpls is indeed nice at times.
Hopefully I can steal some photos from somewhere soon, maybe a passerby could post a link?
Again, just an OK race, dropped my chain at one point and lost about 20 spots, could have been a whole different race had that not happened... Oh well, however, the race was fun as well.

Sunday night into Monday it snowed again,

Had to brush the car off in the morn.

I am now very very excited to...
Anyone want to take me on a trip?

06 October, 2009

Brought to my attention.

Why it should not be called football.

It will be worse tomorrow

Of course it started raining today just as class finished. Lucky me. However, I found out (again) what happens if I try to race without pedaling much during the week. In short I just suck. No excuses, just what it is. At least I know that, so let us see if I can remedy it!

Anyhow, I saw the weather will be even worse tomorrow, so I decided to suck it up and go pedaling.

Look at southwestern North Dakota...

I had a bit of other motivation (not that it is going anywhere), but today was map day in school, and I happen to run across a familiar street name, which just happen to be not very far away from home via the Greenway.
I should move there.

The rain kept the people off the trails, which meant I could do a few intervals and not feel like/look like a tool trying to show off (and not kill/be killed by anyone, safety first)!
I did have to watch out for these though.

I was also out of bread, so on the way home, already being soaked, I had no problem going the extra 10 minutes to the super secret bakery.
That costs the amount shown. Always impressed when I buy a loaf.

On another note, I need to sell
this, asap. Contact me if you are interested.