11 October, 2010

Outta luck

Today was the Theo Wirth cx race. I really enjoy this race, good atmosphere, good field, usually a good course, and close enough that I can ride to it.
Things were on a downhill slope before I even got to the race. Went to my car to get something, and set off my car alarm, which I did not even know I had, thus had no idea how to turn it off. I still don't but something I did stopped it. Oops. Just after leaving my house, the tubulars which I just glued up felt like riding a roller coaster, and somehow one of my break pads came loose, naturally I did not have a wrench in my bag so back home to try again. I finally got to Wirth just in time to register. Good thing the warm up was done!
Almost missed the start because I went pee. But that was worth it. The first 30 minutes went pretty well, felt good was in ok position, then I hit a wall, I guess not riding your bike will do that to ya. By the time I recovered there were 3 laps to go, ok whatever, can't feel good everyday. With 2 to go I jumped back on the bike after a barrier and CRACK, the seat got all wiggly. I thought I broke the bolt, but inspection on the stairs revealed another broken seat post, being the junk it was I ripped it off and I think I accidentally hit a guy when it flew off! Sorry! Definitely was not trying to do that. Then next two laps were very taxing, it's amazing how much you use the seat, not just for sitting, but stabilization and such for corners and bumps and everything. I slogged home and in the penultimate turn dropped the chain, luckily no one was around to pass me, everyone had already done that!
I guess a good chunk of the race was really fun, just parts really sucked. But hey that's bike racing, although I am wondering why no one waited for me? Oh wait, I forgot already, that's bike racing.

Playing in the mud early on.
Hurting on the stairs.
I guess no seat and post is a good way to cut some weight in a hurry, cheap too.
I guess I've been eating to many chips and too much popcorn!

Then on the way home, the luck did not improve when I ran over a small nail, and got a flat. Just the right size of nail that if someone was trying to be a dick, would through all over the trail. And of course I had forgotten my extra tube and supplies at the race (see below). I was fortunate that I could switch the front wheel and ride the roller coaster home...
The casualties.

If anyone is good at gluing tubulars, and wants to do it for some beer, lemme know. It'll be a good trade.
Hopefully that is all the bad luck for the rest of the season!

Forgotten at Wirth.
By the front right tire of the silver car parked up by the U-turn at the finish line. A small banjo brothers saddle bag containing 1 700x35 cc tube. 2 screw on co2 cartridges, 1 pump head, 2 blue rubber gloves, a quick link, and a presta to schreder adapter. I had enough bad luck between the race and the ride home I don't need to loose that as well. Also I'm poor so I can't afford a new one. Please let me know if you have it.
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