25 October, 2010

Double down

In the past I've been able to do both cross races per weekend, however, this year that has not been the case. A fortunate/unfortunate turn of events the last few days allowed me to be able to play this weekend rather then work (which I really would not have minded).
Anyhow, Saturday out at the village, thanks for them to hosting. A pretty good course, provided some good racing. I got really excited when it started sprinkling, I thought it was going to get messy, but alas it dried out by the time we raced. Throughout the race I felt pretty good, and had a blast racing in the group that ended up assembling. The race went right down to the line in a good old fashioned sprint that somehow I managed to keep the others in check! A good time was had by all. Post race party down at Oliver's new shop in Marine, stop by and check it out, it's really coming together quite well!

Sunday it was off to Green Acres for the first time at the Synergy race. It got wet over night, making a good couple of mud pits to play in. I felt good for about the first half, then just botched the big climb one time and was out of the running for the top 5, oh well it happens. Still had fun playing in the mud and ended up doing decently in the end. Thanks to Bob at Now for making it all happen.

In other news, school is getting close to done, if anyone knows of any place hiring paramedics in the next few weeks, please lemme know! It's been fun so far, learning new things everyday.

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