15 November, 2010

How 'bout that.

My eyes still hurt, there is so much gravel and mud jammed up under the eyelids that if I were to cry about how long it took to clean my bike, I could fill a sandbox. Hopefully the washing machine still turns after my clothes are done...

This weekend was my favorite cross race in the state, the state champs. Always fun, always a pretty decent crowd. And this year 6 inches of wet sloppy snow. Saturday was probably one of my all time favorite races, you just can't get much better then that for cross. In addition to the course conditions being great, I felt pretty dang good also, which is always a bonus. Despite running the first 1 km due to a massive number of people and only a single file track, I ended up in an OK position within 5 minutes. After that I just kept moving up, and got lucky a number of times as people I would have been stuck behind picked the proper moment to biff it in the powder. I myself had a nice face plant with a few to go, luckily fresh snow and mud is soft...

The start was nothing but a cluster.

Carving in the pow.

Fun in the mud

The stairs
This is why this race is an event! Thanks to everyone who comes out to watch!
Sunday riding in the snow was not really part of the race, thick sloppy mud was the challenge at hand. I definitely did not feel as good as yesterday, but still managed a top 10. Today is where my eyes were filled with gravel and such, it made drafting relatively unwise. Despite that, it was still a pretty fun day.
Nothing but mud.

Not much of a crowd this time, but still lots of fun.

Overall a great weekend, too bad the races that are happening after stuff up here in MN is done are so expensive. Someday I'll be able to afford them!


Super Rookie said...

Good job this weekend.

Anonymous said...

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Jake Boyce said...

As long as your a real live human sure, but what useful information you can find here is beyond me...